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Life is a journey. I'm here to share my experiences in the hopes that as I share what I've learned, the divine gifts I've been given, and the things that have helped/shaped/grown me, will help you along YOUR journey. Spirituality is a practice and healing is a process. I have spent many years depressed, anxious, in pain, frustrated, and feeling broken before I started to find the tools and the teachers to lead me home, back to me. The highest version of yourself is waiting for you to connect, tap in, and to embrace yourself. 

I'm not promising it will be easy,

but I promise it will be worth it.

Let's journey together! Let's get Yintimate.

yintimate meaning.png

@cbfreeru aka Christina

I'm not really sure how to tell "my story" 

I've known pain + devastation

I've experienced joy + love

I've studied + searched + researched for how to find freedom. 

I've looked high and low for the path to happiness.

I knew that there had to be better than... THIS. I knew that there was more to life than spending all of my time + energy surviving in pain and barely making it through my days. I wanted more than hiding, people pleasing, not being heard, hating myself, beating myself up, and living unfulfilled.


Eventually, I found allies and assistance in plant medicine, in alternative healing practices, in exploring other faiths and cultures, in travel, in therapy, in facing all of my darkness and journeying through the pits of hell to come back to me +

my own bright light.

I was the answer. I am my own medicine. 

Everything I needed was in me all along. 

Now it's my turn to show you.

You too, are an alchemist.

You can turn your life's shit into gold.

Transmute your pain into a beautiful purpose.

Find your happy.

Finally be free.

Are you ready? I'm here to walk with you. 

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