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Viva Kambo!

Bookings Available in Miami + Atlanta

Tribal Detox Ceritfied Practicioner

I am a Tribal Detox Certified Kambo Practitioner and Red Cross CPR Certified. We value and prioritize respect for the indigenous tribes we learn from + the sacred frog we commune with.

Yintimate Healing does not claim to

diagnose, treat, or cure disease. 

The Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog that secretes the Kambo peptides

Christina, WTF is Kambo?

Kambo is a secretion (not a poison!) of the Amazonian giant waxy tree frog also known as Phyllomedusa Bicolor. The secretion that the frog gives off keeps them safe in the jungle, but also has a unique blend of bioactive peptides that produce incredible benefits for the human body and mind. While this is used as a sacred ancient ritual in the jungle, Kambo is completely legal in the U.S. 

Tribes of the Amazon often refer to Kambo as "Hunting Magic" as it strengthens the physical body and the mind. Kambo has many benefits created by the various peptides found in the secretion, such as: 

 * removing Panema (negative energy)

 * releasing energetic, mental, and emotional blockages

 * returns your body to a state of homeostasis

 * helps to prevent disease by helping the immune system perform properly (re-alignment)

* Provide pain relief (Kambo has analgesic peptides)

* Assist with overcoming depression, anxiety, and PTSD

* provide assistance in managing autoimmune diseases, Cancer, HIV, and many others!

The benefits of Kambo come from a complex cocktail of neuro and bioactive peptides that have been found in the Kambo secretion. With emerging research, doctors and scientists have proven that these peptides have a wide range of functions that have been known to have amazing benefits on the body and mind.

Christina taking Kambo

How do you "take" Kambo?

Kambo is received through the skin via tiny blister points called "gates". The burns are not deep, but by removing the top layer of skin, we can give the Kambo access into the lymphatic system. After drinking less than a liter of water, the Kambo is applied to the "gates" and the process begins. Once the Kambo is applied, the effects are felt quickly and last for about 20 minutes. 

Some experience all or few of the following symptoms:

- heat flushing through the body

- increased heart rate

- pressure sensation/pulsing in the head

- tingling or buzzing sensation in the ears mouth, tongue, lips and extremities

- tightening sensation in the throat and/or face

- flu like symptoms like cold chills 

- some may need to purge north (spit/throw up)

- some may need to purge south (gas/poop)

  (Although a purge is not necessary to receive the benefits from Kambo, people will       typically begin to feel better after they purge)

Once the session is complete, I will serve you tea or coconut water and fruit/treats to help re-balance and replenish the electrolytes in your system.

I also offer Rapé (ha-pay) and Sananga in my sessions!

Rapé (Ha-Pay)

Rapé is a sacred shamanic snuff also referred to as Grandfather Tobacco is used by Amazonian tribes for centuries for ceremonial, medicinal, and recreational purposes. This fine powder is made of Mapacho (Tobacco), ashes of various indigenous trees, seeds, flowers, and herbs. There are many different types of rapé prepared by different tribes producing various effects and experiences.The powder is blown into the nostrils by the practitioner creating a very grounding and centering effect, removing anxiety and mind chatter.

* optional offering after Kambo to ground and close the ceremony. 


Sananga, also known as Becchete (a Matis and Matsés word for a medicinal plant) are very powerful eye drops extracted from the shrub Tabernaemontana undulate. When sananga is applied directly to the eyes, it is said by the tribes to have the effect of giving the environment greater texture and dimension, making it easier to spot animals during hunting. The effects can last up to several days and weeks. Along with enhanced vision sananga has been known to increase energy and even provide pain relief. 

*optional offering before Kambo to help get “out of your head” and into your body.

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