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4:04 am dreams...

I chatted with you briefly the other day

And you left a spark behind

Then you came to see me in my dream last night...

It was dark in my room

You slipped in my bed + wrapped your arms around me

Gently kissed the back of my neck

And whispered in my ear

"I'm here"...

Your hands softly rubbed my body

Turning me on

Stroking the spark you left behind

Into a blaze

I rolled over to kiss you and

You wrapped your hand around my neck

While you stuck your tongue in my mouth

As you held me captive up top

Your fingers teased my other lips

Begging to say hello...

Then I woke up...

I'll text you later so you can leave another spark

And you can visit me again tonight if you'd like...

4:04 am dreams

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