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To cry or not to cry...

I need to cry. I feel the weight of it needing to release.

Heavy, ugly heart wrenching sobs need to escape from my body and soul

You ever just felt many overwhelming emotions all at once?





Brain OVERTHINKING overtime.

Working to not beat myself up.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

Woe is me.


Just feeling things allllll over the place. But also not really able to put it all into words just feelings?

What are these emotions here to teach me/show me? Where do I need to place my attention to move these emotions through me?

I'm also grateful for my life and proud of the lessons I HAVE learned and the things I've overcome. I see the way I'm moving and how the Universe is unfolding some parts of the plan more clearly. I love the small circle of people around me who wholeheartedly love me back. I love the ease I'm allowing myself to feel the feels and reminding myself, "Gentle, gentle, Christina." I'm becoming more and more comfortable in my skin (#cozy with who I am) and feeling the nervous excitement for what's next.

It's all happening. I'm feeling it all.

Don't mind me... just rambling. We are multifaceted beings and you can feel many things at one time. The key is to MOVE the emotions through (energy in motion = emotion) and to stay open to the journey, being present in every moment, forgiving yourself along the way (and others who are on their journey)

Life is but a dream... and all I want is peace

Peace for me.

Peace for you.

Peace in our hears so that we can clearly see

Whatever lies ahead. I pray we go there in peace.

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