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Leo Full Moon Message

Holy wow, I can't believe my last blog post was in OCTOBER 2022!!! So much has evolved since then... mostly me lol - and I desire to share with you here even more! Sooooooo...

I woke up this morning with the LOUD message from Spirit, "the courage to let go"

I just kept my eyes closed while I explored what that message meant for me today and how fitting a message for the Full Moon - letting go! But as a Cancer who lives in nostalgia in my head and heart, letting go is not the easiest thing for me...

I've been wrestling with many emotions lately and feeling limbo about how to "deal" with my feelings. Letting go for me today looks like

  • letting go of resistance to the things I CAN'T do 😔 Even when I desire to do them deeply. I want to be able to offer so many services to the world and teach all the things, but right now I physically and energetically don't have the capacity to do EVERYTHING. And it's ok to let go of that (for now) AND to let go of the GUILT about it. I have been feeling so guilty that I can't do 100 other things that my focus is not on what I AM doing! My intentions are powerful and my intent to share and teach is enough! I HAVE to leave room for the right ways to come, for the right support to come, and for the right tools and resources to show up to assist me. As a solo-preneur, I juggle A LOT! And I love to help and serve and show up for people. BUT I CANNOT DO IT ALL ALONE! There are some things that I have to say no to (even if it's just for now) For example - Maybe right now I can't offer 10 services on my website, but I can share/teach via my blog writing or by posting/sharing more on social media and continuing to share through my daily business. I can let go of feeling guilty about what I can't do, and get excited about and focus on the things I CAN do and am doing! I am doing the work and I need to make more space to celebrate and lean into that instead of focusing on what I'm NOT doing. Letting go of the GUILT about it is rooted in people pleasing and feeling like I'm not doing "ENOUGH" or doing the "right things" - looking at and comparing other people's journey and what they do. I don't HAVE to do what I do like anyone else. As a matter of fact, my tribe loves what I do the way I do it! So I can just be myself and give how I give and show up FULLY for what I can and know that it's ENOUGH. Know that I'm enough. I can let go of not feeling like what I'm doing is enough. It's making a difference, even when I can't see it. I'm enough. And the more I give myself fully to what I CAN do, the more of an impact it has.

  • letting go of the feeling of "failure" - I have been feeling the weight of "failing" by having my focus on what hasn't worked or what didn't work or what I want to work that's not working instead of the many areas of my life that ARE working. I feel like a failure in love and family, two things that are so special and tender to me. Getting divorced felt like a scarlet letter on my heart and my life, but it's time to let that go. Love didn't fail me and because I know that I embody love so deeply, I know that I didn't fail at love. I learned lessons about myself IN love connection with another human. What I need, what doesn't work for me, how to BE more myself in connection with someone else - ALL IMPORTANT LESSONS! I haven't failed at being a good person just because I got divorced or because I'm single. I can remember that everyone is on their own journey and path and that we are meant to learn from each other and grow from connections with other people. Sometimes those connections last a lifetime and sometimes they last a season. Sometimes you let them go and they come back to you. Sometimes you love from a distance to protect your heart from those who are not aligned to your path or when you are not aligned to theirs. And it's ALL OK! I can let go of taking it personally and let people BE exactly where they are and love them right there. I DO love deeply, so I know that no matter what, my love will be felt and leave an impact, even if I'm not in connection with a person anymore. I believe that. So, I can't fail at being who I am, a lover. I can only give and show and feel love and know that the lessons I learn will serve me along the way to love better and be an example to those I encounter. My intention is love and it's felt from any connection with me.

  • letting go of worry. Worrying about what other people think. Worrying about "proving" myself to be anything to anyone. Worrying about being "enough". Worrying about HOW the things I desire will ever come (the how is NEVER our business, that's God's part) I spend so much time worrying and it takes daily courage to let those worry ideas go. If I'm judging myself by other people's standards then it's easy to fail! So what if I stop worrying about what it looks like and tune into how it FEELS? Instead of fighting against the past, maybe I forgive myself and focus on the future.

  • “If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

So... my intention today is to have the courage to let go a little bit more. Let go a little bit deeper in my heart. Letting go of what I can't do, letting go of the idea that I have failed, letting go of worrying.

Knowing and believing that I'm right where I'm supposed to be, getting all the info that I need, with all the support of the Universe behind my back. I am love. I am success. I am achieving. I am thriving. My business is doing AMAZING work ( - PLUG 😉) and people LOVE to pay me and experience the vision that I created. I am doing important work, just by being myself and showing up to serve others with what I CAN do right now.

Then, of course, the song came to me - MAKING SPACE - it's the perfect message - when you LET GO - you make space! By letting go of this energy in my mind and my heart, I'm making space for more of what I desire. And THAT feels incredible! Get excited about what we're making space for! Get excited about the life we're creating! If we have more space, then what do we wanna do with the new space we have?

AFFIRMATION: I declare today that I have the courage to let go. I let go of the things that do not match up with the vision I have for my life. I let go of the old ways of BEING that don't feel good to me anymore. I let go of keeping myself in an old box full of other people's opinions and limiting beliefs. I am MAKING SPACE for a new version of ME. I am MAKING SPACE for the desires of my heart to come to life. I am MAKING SPACE for my life to bloom and grow with love and intention beyond my wildest dreams. I deserve it all. I have the courage to let go and bless all the lessons that I received along the way. Thank you (God/Spirit/Source/Universe - whatever you call it) for the courage to let go and I'm so grateful that I'm MAKING SPACE for what's next. AMEN/ASÉ ✨🙌🏾

Journal Prompts:

What can you have the courage to let go of today?

What would your life look like if you let those things go?

What are you making space for?

What feellings come up when you think about MAKING SPACE for the things you desire?

After you MAKE SPACE for your desires, what will change in your life?

Music message: Making Space - Geminelle ft Toni Jones

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