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I Don't Want To

I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me...

But I don't want to.

I don't want to post 3 times a day

I don't want to go live 3x a week

I don't want to study analytics

I don't want to create email lists + newsletters + email you on Monday + Friday

I don't want to persuade or program or pressure anyone to do or buy or listen to anything

I don't want you to subscribe to my podcast so I can "educate" you to sell you some more

I don't want to build my brand or add to my resume

I don't want to "grind" or "hustle"

I don't want to burn out or sleep when I'm dead or "earn" a vacation or rest

I am an excellent communicator

I have the divine ability to break down concepts and walk you through

Understanding and overstanding anything I have to say or that you "need" to get


I don't care if you understand me

I don't wanna explain myself

I don't wanna talk any more about shit I've already talked into the ground

I don't want to babysit your feelings

I don't want to fight for anything or anyone

I desire to BE...

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