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🍄 Microdose Adventures + Breakthroughs

I'm on day 7 of microdosing magic 🍄 (using the Stamet Protocol 4 days on, 3 days off - message me if you want more info!) and today was a powerful EMBODIMENT day.

I started the morning as usual with a cup of Cacao but today I put the shroom dose into the cacao mix, really yummy. I sat down in the zen room with the intention of doing my yoga and stretches for the day. I'm going through 30 days of freeing my hips with The Workout Witch, really enjoying her program and the intentional movements to emotionally release the trauma and emotions stored in my hips.... and today I think I had a breakthrough!!!

I did her 8 or 9 min movements for the day and then proceeded to move my body.... intuitively. It started out as Yin, but then it turned into... me. I was stretching into places that needed my attention. Needed my breath. I was wiggling and rolling and lengthening through my back and my neck and my shoulders and my hips and my legs... moving my body with intention. With intuition. I felt strong and powerful and guided. I am my own guru. I am my medicine. I am my healer.

I stopped to snap a photo. And I looked at myself. I saw me... but in a new way. I felt different in my skin. I felt...something I couldn't quite put into words. I decided to post about it but what came

out was intuitive... Wild. Raw. Messy. Pristine. Holy. Feminine. Gentle. Ferocious. Energy. Blooming. Heavy. Light. Dark. Perfect. Open. Closed. Artist. Brown. Water. Earth. Present. Brave. Scared. Tough. Fragile. Student. Teacher. Yours. Mine. Broken. Whole. Moon. Sun. Love. Mother. Child. Light worker. Alchemist. Starseed. Enough. God.


I started to cry after I typed the first few words. I was like WTF... why am I crying...I typed a few more words and the tears started to come again. I took a deep breath and felt each word as I typed it. Feeling the words. Feeling all of the things that I am. Knowing who I am. Being comfortable in my skin. Trusting my intuition for the first time in a long time. FEELING my intuition speak to me in a new way. Deeply grateful for the way I'm showing up for myself and embracing this path. Today, I feel like a medicine woman, like a light worker, like a shaman, like an energetic vessel. Today I embrace my soul's purpose and mission. I'm here to serve, to alchemize, to be the light. It's WILD and raw and messy and holy and perfect... just like me.

I don't know if it was the shrooms, the cacao, the hip movements, the sun, or a combo of all of it, but I saw God today. In me. Through me. As me. I embodied God today. She is me and I am her.

Asè. Amen. Aho. 🙏🏾

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