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Missing Amazon Packages and Missing Your Blessings

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

So today I was waiting on two very important OVERNIGHT Amazon packages. I woke up with a notification that one was delivered but the other one couldn't be delivered because they couldn't get into my building (it was before the leasing office opened to let the delivery guy in)

So, I'm frustrated because I wanted it to be easy so I could get to what I wanted to work on 🙄. I ordered the packages, deliver them to my doorstep (like many other packages have been, this is not the first time or anything) , EASY, RIGHT? SIGH. Ok, let's look for the first package.

First stop - mailroom, let's see if the driver left it down there - no package

Checked the order and it saw a photo - to the unit number in the OTHER building 🤦🏾‍♀️

Second stop - The other building - no package - WTF

Third stop - leasing office - SUCCESS! Package one found its way to them

Contact Amazon - "Hey my second package says delivered but it's not here"

Amazon: wait 24 hours and let us know if it doesn't show up 🙄😡

I release the package. Ok Universe, the package will show up when it needs to.

I'm gonna go on with my day, knowing the package will show up.

(my Virgo brain takes time to let this go)

I go for a walk to the store to grab an orange for my prosperity bowl and something tells me to check the mailroom in the OTHER building 🤔

SUCCESS - there's my package!

Automatically - the dots connect!

How many times have our prayers been answered but we were busy looking in the wrong place?

How many times have we been mad about something not showing up that was there all along?

It may not have been "easy" like you thought it would be or show up the way you wanted, but

(as Abraham Hicks says) ASK and it is given, ALWAYS. I didn't have to stress about the packages because all along, they were on their way to me, all I had to do was believe that, stay present, and look a little harder, in the unexpected place, in the unusual place...

So maybe outside of your comfort zone, maybe outside of your usual routine or your usual circle - maybe just outside of what seems easy and familiar, you might find that what you've been asking for is already here, waiting on you to step out and find it....


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