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Prosperity Boil Recipe

Orange peels and slices

Lemon slices

Cinnamon (powder or sticks or both!)



Bay leaves






And any other herbs that call to you! Some people also add thyme, star anise, chamomile, and lemongrass - trust your intuition for what you need

Put everything in a boiling pot of (spring) water and let it simmer. Walk around your home with the simmering pot and let the smoke fill the air (it smells amazing)

You can listen to your favorite money music or meditation music or whatever makes you feel amazing, you can pray, you can chant, you can be in silence and visualize money raining down - it's really about the FEELING as you are doing the ritual. The feeling is the secret 😉

These are all money-specific herbs and this ritual is great to do towards the beginning of the month but also any time you want to call in more abundance. You can strain and drink the water to really sink in the abundant feeling - it's a delicious blend! 🍵


Blow some cinnamon into your front door on the 1st of the month!

- open your front door

- stand outside and face inside with a small handful of cinnamon

- give the cinnamon a strong blow while calling abundance into your home (with the full intention and visualization that abundance and success will enter)- you can say a prayer, sing a money song (Ching Ching Ching Goes the Money Tree is one of my faves)

- leave it for 24 hours and then clean with full confidence that the money is yours


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